Hypomanic Experience and SHINES

When dreaming or during meditation, I experienced a condition of observing ‘swarms of stars’ several times. They flew through space in quick formations as if they were swarms of birds. Of course, such has to do with a completely subjective and slightly hypomanic experience of a SHINES.

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Assignment Definition

An ‘assignment’ is from the start to be understood as nothing other than an instruction from a Sant Mat teacher, usually in the sense of the “Follow me!” as used by Jesus Christ, and which I have quoted further above. However, such an instruction is seldom sent directly to a follower – except for general instructions during a lecture.

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Loaded Names and Echo Discourse

Speaking to a ‚master’ in meditation and yoga is established on the echo of the teachings (on his ‘mental’) he previously announced. But the repetitions of Sanskrit names are also involved in the exercises, as representations of linguistic elements. Kirpal Singh constantly stressed, that such names actually have no significance, but that their being loaded with his ‘strength’ were substantial.

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The Other, Cognizance and Revelation

The only exception is a story of Faqir Chand. This Sant Mat guru impressively describes how he anxiously asked his ‘master’, Shiv Brat Lal, how he was to continue – after having reached the fourth level (Bhanwar Gupha). He was surprised to hear from him, that the fifth level (Sach Kand) consisted of having followers of his own and of becoming a Sat Guru.

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Subjective Luminance

Today, I am able to offer a different answer, one that makes required practice (Analytic Psychocatharsis) easier. It is not a case of levels, higher or lower layers, or of a pixel-to-pixel duplication of the guru’s physical form as is suggested by Sant Mat. Mankind’s world is pre-dominantly one of dual or fore times dimensionality.1

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