The Universe: Sum of all Signifiers?

We have here another indication as to why a biography from the perspectives of western psychology, history and science is not necessarily appropriate in describing the life of an Indian saint, on the one hand. But, on the other, there is a special incentive in it, namely in writing a biography in a different manner than is usual. Subsequently, the task encompasses not only narrating on the pure biographic of daily data, but rather even taking into consideration such things as the references of events to areas of his teachings, to the development of theories in general, or to western science, such as to psychoanalysis.

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On Sant Mat Theories

Further aspects of Sant Mat theories1, as Sawan Singh’s and Kirpal Singh’s ‘spiritual’ road is also called, consist – as just mentioned - of several rules concerning nutrition and behavior, which often had extremely ascetic features (vegetarian diet, sexual abstinence). Indians love the direct, general and practically oriented implementations of simplest asceticism.

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Individual Assignment

Each individual is called upon to find their own significance; every individual’s life has an ‘assignment’. Entire yoga, and entire psychoanalysis, both only represent support, company on the way there, but not more.

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Knowledge Drive and Oedipus

Analytic transference and its dissolution both center on bare inter-subjectivity which „needs to be articulated according to scientific criteria up to the state of it producing objectivity based on facts of comparable order in reality, and even with increased category: establishing a dimension of experience,

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Female Object, a father-metaphor

Freud speaks of „erection of the object“ – but only in connection with melancholy.1 However, the idea of the (psychoanalytical) object can absolutely be used for the erection in the way I describe it with a slash, upstroke here. Then it doesn’t happen to be an psychic object, an object of desire, maternal object, but an ‘ideal object’, or expressed in a different way: a ‘female object’ (as opposed to phallus2).

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Cogito ergo sum.

Rene Descartes

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