Knowledge Drive and Oedipus

Analytic transference and its dissolution both center on bare inter-subjectivity which „needs to be articulated according to scientific criteria up to the state of it producing objectivity based on facts of comparable order in reality, and even with increased category: establishing a dimension of experience,

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Female Object, a father-metaphor

Freud speaks of „erection of the object“ – but only in connection with melancholy.1 However, the idea of the (psychoanalytical) object can absolutely be used for the erection in the way I describe it with a slash, upstroke here. Then it doesn’t happen to be an psychic object, an object of desire, maternal object, but an ‘ideal object’, or expressed in a different way: a ‘female object’ (as opposed to phallus2).

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Symbolic Phallus

Lacan's theory of the 'symbolic phallus' supplies us with bridgework.1 While the slash or fractional stroke (between the SHINES / SPEAKS in Surat Shabd Yoga) depicts upright concentration, establishment and attention in meditation going beyond these complexes etc., it stands for the interpretation of an erecting and attention-grasping analytic Eros in psychotherapy.

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Early Father Identification

This very strong love for the ‘master’ and father-guru, however, intriguingly correlates with Freud’s expression of ‘early father identification’. “With the help of the super-Ego”, says Freud, “the [Ego] draws from the id’s accumulated experience of past ages in a way still non-transparent to us.”1

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So it happens to be the Other within ourselves, a language structure, structure of symbols, or representantative of the symbolic order. It is surely related to God as the hypothetical One of the SHINES / SPEAKS. But God was always taken much too personally.

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Folge nicht dem Pfad. Stattdessen, gehe dort, wo es keinen Pfad gibt, und hinterlasse eine Spur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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