Life after Death

So when Kirpal Singh and the Yogis spoke of life after death, he only expressed himself quite generally (from the aspect of Sûkshma) and imprecisely (from the aspect of Stûhla). As I have yet to demonstrate, it is proper to differentiate the expression ‘life after death’ in two directions.

First of all, as a ‘life in dying’, a life which is in the process of dying, even if signs of beginning brain death are indicated1. And, ‘death in life’, both at the same level, as are illness or despair, but which may serve to support further life.

Secondly however, something exists that goes beyond everything else, but which may probably not be described as ‘life’, nor has it to do with the individual ‘soul’, the Ego, Ego-Ideal, or parts of the Id and Super-Ego. This ‘beyond everything else’ can only be comprehended as the SHINES / SPEAKS, whereby the SHINES may still contain extremely reduced aspects of the Id, and the SPEAKS such of the Super-Ego. This is the only form – as mentioned just above – in which ‘being’ after death exists, which applies likewise to Indians and Europeans. And only in this way we could understand when the Ancients have spoken about the immortality of the soul: it did not deal with a personal soul but with the Over-Soul, the Over-Self of being.

No matter what our understanding of it is, a biography of Kirpal Singh could improve our understanding of all of these things and for both worlds, East and West, especially if we were not only to write it in Indian, but also in European (with references to psychoanalysis and science). It could even supply us with an opportunity of recognizing, how such a way of writing it would reflect advantageous light on both.


1 Of course, beginning brain death and also the condition of „brain death“ found by the means of electrophysiological and radiological examinations still enables basic neuronal functions. Actual brain death is said to begin when cell structures start to disintegrate.

Die Qualität eines Menschenlebens ist direkt proportional zu dessen Verpflichtung zu ausgezeichneten Leistungen, egal auf welchem Feld die Bestrebungen entfaltet werden.

Vince Lombardi

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