Transcendental Enjoyment

Surat Shabd Yoga can only be understood if femininity is recognized as an expression of transcendental enjoyment, which manifests itself in nirvikalpi-samadhi in Sach Kand. It is not just any enjoyment, to the contrary, it is an enjoyment of the body as such, and enjoyment at the level of the SHINES, and it finds its destination in a constantly exercised SPEAKS.

We often speak of substantial pleasure in psychoanalysis, of ‘pleasure beyond the phallus’. But, how do you get there? Through asceticism? In comparison to Kirpal Singh, all of his followers were far below his level of asceticism.

However, we Europeans don’t care too much for asceticism anymore. We do not want to follow a guru even into mania. Subsequently, daylong issues were discussed amongst the pupils, such as whether it was allowed to eat lab-fermented cheese. In those days lab was produced from animals and was regarded as non-vegetarian. Such discussions came near to madness.

Kirpal Singh once said: “Don’t look into the eyes of others!” which led to many pupils staring at the ground up to the point of rudeness. But was Kirpal Singh meant was: “Do not desire in a gaze, do not make the gaze a constant psychic object!” But he wasn’t able to explain it in terms of psychological language. I will mention here again that this transcentendal enjoyment deals with a sub- oder hypomanic condition, which has a long-term effect, whereas in my method of Analytic Psychocatharsis this condition could experienced only occasionally - even as a Psychocatharsis - so that there remains space also for the Analytic procedure (further details later).

Of a female student of Sawan Singh, who had an unfulfilled wish for having children, was reported, that she one day told other students: „The master has given me a child“! Everybody cheered in agreement. Sawan Singh had handed her a child within an illustrated ‘vision’, as in a children’s fairytale. One cannot exclude that this handing over of an „astral“, phantasmic kind, could have somehow calmed the woman and abate her wish for children, but nevertheless, the whole thing is rather grotesque! Healing her from her desire for a child cost her considerable impairment of the mind. Are East and West really that often that far apart from each other? Is such a high intellectual price necessary for salvation?


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