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Parent - Ego Structure II

The language of the Parent Ego structure is often expressed in critical opinions, or prejudicial and negative attitudes. However, when the Nurturing Parent is being expressed from the Parent Ego structure, the language and vocabulary may be positive, supporting, and encouraging.

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Berufliche Existenz gründen

Die Gründerperson
Es gibt jede Menge nützliche Gründe dafür, sich beruflich autonom zu machen: eigenverantwortlich beschließen zu können, eigene Impulsen umzusetzen, Erfolg zu haben oder nicht zuletzt seine Arbeitszeit

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Ego Fortification and Stabilization, Questions I

How can you mend a broken heart? That was the great philosophical question the great rock band the Bee Gees put to music back in the seventies. Transactional Analysis begins with the propositions that people have validity and worth, and people can change. And yet the fragile and vulnerable "self" or identity is shaken and shattered into hundreds of pieces through the cruelties and uncertainties of life.

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Positives of Generalizations

What is Generalization
Generalization is the process or an act of bringing people or entities under a category or a class, separating general principle and commonalities from particulars. It is a logic of deriving a general statement from a particular one. It is a statement about some identifiable common trends within a group.

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Absagen beim Dating

Ein nachteilig evaluiertes Tete-a-Tete gewinnen ab und an auch eine zu hohe Beurteilung, weil sich eine Vielzahl Menschen damit strapazieren, ein Date verfrüht zu beenden. Sie wollen schon nach 5 Minuten wissen, dass sie am liebsten von jetzt auf gleich das Date abbrechen wollen, haben aber

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Basics of Cross-Cultural Management Skills

The world of business has gone global for several decades, exemplified by the latest financial crisis that started in the United States in 2007 and rapidly spread around the globe, testifying to the fact that "deals" have and are being done in the easiest manner, particularly when aided by a simple computer and

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A profound look at workplace education, individual learners, and the most efficient instruments for the conveying and assimilation of knowledge. By shifting the focal point from the substance to be learned to the requirements of the learners, the pedagogue can optimize

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In einem Kampf kommt es nicht auf die Größe des Hundes an, sondern auf die Kampfbereitschaft im Hunde.

Mark Twain

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