Persönliches Wachstum

Kultur definieren

In der Literatur identifizieren wir ein Ansatz, welches sich auf überprüfbare Phänomene konzentriert. Es sind dies:

Politische und gesamtwirtschaftliche Weltanschauungn
und körperliche Kultur.

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Importance of Positive Generalization

Importance of Positive Generalization

On the other hand, we can attempt to build a better working and living environment by extending the broader sense of positive qualities, like saying that people from certain country are good in sports and scientific research, or people with certain educational background are focussed on their work.

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Organisation I

Bei direkten Auslandsinvestitionen sollten die strategischen Anschauungsweisen in den Vordergrund treten. Das liegt vor allem darin substantiiert, "..., dass angesichts des besonderen Informationsproblems Unternehmenspolitik quantitativen

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Significance of Friendships

A Wiseman once said that “show me your friends and I will show you what character you have”; this is the significance of friendships. Your close friends are very significant in what you become and in everything you do. Everyone should always be very careful in choosing friends in view of the fact that they will in one way or the other shape their life.

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Constant Adult - Ego II

If you are managing someone like this he may be brilliant at his job and it may be worth finding some accommodation for more negative characteristics. This is definitely somebody you might need to structure a job around to use his strengths and minimize his weaknesses.

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Achievement and humanity

The trait of humanity
What is the trait of humankind?
Mainstream American culture is upbeat to that extent as it is arrogated that whatsoever achievement is realizable if worked for, and that humankind is at last perfectible - as the large indefinite quantity of self-help books and broadcastings marketed every year demonstrate.

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Erfolg ist nicht so sehr an der erreichten Position zu messen, als an den Hindernissen, die auf dem Weg dorthin überwunden wurden.

Booker T. Washington

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