Persönliches Wachstum

Profit in Social Games II

...demeaning treatment until she attempts suicide. Women disproportionately use suicide attempts as a cry for help to others or punish their abusers. This is why women make over 2/3 of suicide attempts but succeed at a far lower rate than men.

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Procedural, Declaratory Knowledge

Interrogative knowledge and procedural knowledge are central to unlocking a number of pathways to learning. Declaratory knowledge consists of information from the extraneous world that makes it feasible for a person to discover, inform and

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Responses to Parent-Child Dynamics

Rather than seeking to develop a mature and healthy view within the other person, the person in the child role can choose to remain a victim. Adults trapped in a parent-child relationship with another adult can feel a sense of powerlessness and depression. When someone sees themselves as victim in a parent-child dynamic despite being an adult, they can also respond in anger.

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Internationale Marketingstrategie III

Vorangestellt: unter logistischem Service wird an diesem Ort verstanden: "To have the right products in the right amounts at the right time in the right place" danach eine bestimmte Nachfrage optimal zu befriedigen, inbegriffen dem Kundenservice (Installation, Fehlerbeseitigung).

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Personality executive, Jailer or Change Agent I

The adult ego is the rational and analytical part of the human personality. It makes comparisons, determines the odds of events, performs risk analysis and decides what to believe. The adult ego analyzes others’ words for their truth and the perception behind them.

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Information Procurement and Processing

In today's age of information, procuring information is no big deal at all. In fact, we often end up with information overload and have no idea of how to deal with it! Especially if one refers to the internet for information, it is often difficult to filter the information qualitatively. Wikipedia for instance can give you an information overload, however, since it is open to all to edit and update, one is never too sure of the source of information and its validity.

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Ziele, Strategie

Als strategie-übergreifende Handlung der Zielkomplexe erstens bis drittens ist die Installation eines Untersystems in den Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (fürderhin US-Corp benannt) anzusehen. Diese Auslandsinvestition hatte diverse

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Optimismus ist eine Voraussetzung  für den Erfolg. Außerdem ist es die Grundlage von Mut und wirklichem Fortschritt.

Nicholas Murray Butler

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