Analytische Psychokatharsis

The book offers a brief overview of the different types of Yoga and then provides a comparison with the modern science of psychology. Laya Yoga, a comprehensive physical and mental method, seems to be the best pick for such research. Laya Yoga, as it was taught by the late Sant Kirpal Singh (1894-1974) in Sant Mat (Rhadasoami, Ruhani Satsang, India), is widely known as a modern method of meditation in India. There, a yogi is no longer expected to live in the forest, or to subject himself to asceticism. He is rather free to have a normal profession, have a family and children, and is expected to include modern scientific aspects into his teachings. Kirpal Singh's Surat Shabd Yoga (his name for Laya Yoga) is also related to Patanjali's yoga. 'Yoga is chit vritis nirodha', is being in command of 'chit' (the conscious) and 'vritis' (vibrations, transformations), which Kirpal Singh set forth as being equivalent with his 'light' and 'sound' principle in meditation.

We come across such terms and principles in Psychoanalysis, the most significant form of scientific psychology found in the western world today. Especially in French psychoanalyst J. Lacan's version of Freud's drive-structure concept do we find perception drives (drive to perceive, to look) and invocation drives (drive to express, to speak) that function in the unconscious, and which are predominant. Actually, the drive to look is nothing other than 'chit', a kind of primary conscious, an immediate gaze, or better and simply put: an IT SHINES. IT SHINES means that something primarily visual, a primary visual awareness, or primary visibility is constantly at work within and around us. It is at work when images are being produced in dreams as well as in 'light' experiences in meditation, and last but not the least, this is also the most subtle of physical reality.

After all, the conscious is nothing other than a 'reciprocated gaze', a reflection, or a 'primal form' of looking or of perception. In the same way we can substitute 'vritis' with the drive to speak, which is the most substantial form of invocation: the IT SPEAKS. Lacan says: "The unconscious is structured in the same manner a language is...", it behaves like an IT SPEAKS within and around us. A combination of the SHINES and of the SPEAKS actually requires to be taken under command and setting yoga and psychoanalysis into relation with one another supplies us with a simple tool to do just that.

In Surat Shabd Yoga command is taken of the combination of the SHINES and SPEAKS by applying and reverberating mentaly Sanskrit formulations. But for a scientifc method we can use linguistic styled formulations which I call FORMULA-WORDS.

Transcendental Enjoyment

Surat Shabd Yoga can only be understood if femininity is recognized as an expression of transcendental enjoyment, which manifests itself in nirvikalpi-samadhi in Sach Kand. It is not just any enjoyment, to the contrary, it is an enjoyment of the body as such, and enjoyment at the level of the SHINES, and it finds its destination in a constantly exercised SPEAKS.

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Inner and Spiritual Transference

There lies no importance in the issue of succession for Kirpal Singh’s devotees, such as myself. Kirpal Singh often stressed, that a ‘spiritual’ relationship can only exist between this o n e ‘master’, teacher, friend (as he often spoke of himself) and his devotees, pupils or same type of friend.

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First Touch with Formula Words

As indicated several times, we do not need absolutely the ‘astral-mental’ levels of yoga for a psychic perfection. It would constitute a mystic detour in the form of a possible psychotic reaction (or a ‘guided’ psychosis).

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Assignment and the Essence of Meditation

With that, the O / O, we may now establish a final significance of the Other’s attention / ‘assignment’ in Surat Shabd Yoga, just as we do in psychoanalysis. It is something like a nomination to psychoanalytic scholarship, and maybe even to a theoretical analyst who newly established the theory. Now this is something that we lack in modern psychoanalysis, too.

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Other's Attention and the SPEAKS

So it happens to be the Other within ourselves, a language structure, structure of symbols, or representantative of the symbolic order. It is surely related to God as the hypothetical One of the SHINES / SPEAKS. But God was always taken much too personally. As much as Kirpal Singh strived to unify the Gods of different religions into one, especially when he chaired the presidency of the ‘World Fellowship of Religions’, he was bound to fail.

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Träume als würdest Du ewig leben. Lebe als würdest Du heute sterben.

James Dean

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