How do Master and Follower relate?

These 'names': Jotnirenyen, Onkar, Rarankar, Sohang and Sat Naam are Sanskrit words, and in saying that they are ‘loaded’ with a type of force is again, of course, a mystical way of expression. Psychoanalytically we are again impelled to speak of transference, instead of ‘load’.

This archaic, intensive transference of one’s own unconscious meanings to the master rather loads the master than it would be his ‘names’ that were ‘loaded’. Nevertheless, the master has experience with the essence of a teacher-follower relationship, so that he can transmit such essence in a few signifiers.

‘Master’ and follower relate to each other through the ‘fortune of symbols’, indeed, through the erection of symbols, or desire for a pure relationship, for a “projective identification”.1 Besides dealing with transference, here we need to concern ourselves with repression, too, and even with something Freud called primal repression. In the case that a repression can be dissolved through an interpretation of a transference, then we must actually be dealing with the essence of formulations, of ‘names’, in which such healings in psychoanalysis, as well as in that of Surat Shabd Yoga, are incarnated.

And so, ends meet. A transference of a special category, namely the primal transference of just above, allows application to repressions that reach as far as into mechanisms of primal repression. And this is what is meant in yoga with ‘being loaded’.2 Scientifically one would say that the ‘names’ are not loaded with energy or power but contain knowledge. I will be coming back to this again later on as well, when I speak about the FORMULA-WORDS which are constructed scientifically.


1 Many psychoanalysts seemingly mark a pathological attitude with this expression: an individual identifies himself with something in the Other while projecting that something into the Other. This can also be understood as a basic dual movement, however: the immediate exchange of a shines/speaks. This yields an even clearer meaning: the own shines is awakens something in the Other’s SPEAKS and vice versa.

2 Freud explains primal repression using the term anticathexis. A First, which is spiritually (libidinously) occupied is simultaneously repressed, through a counter-movement, replaced by an anticathexis… which reminds us of the Indian psychoanalysts again with their wish-anticathexis (opposite wishes).

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