Personal Note on Dreaming

When dreaming or during meditation, I experienced a condition of observing ‘swarms of stars’ several times. They flew through space in quick formations as if they were swarms of birds. Of course, such has to do with a completely subjective and slightly hypomanic experience of a SHINES.

However, a SPEAKS was quite insistent to me, and in such ‘swarms of stars’ there appeared an image which seemed to be movements of libido, but simultaneously, an image of actual earlier and present activity of the astronomic type.

Finally, I was not able to suppress the notion of each individual ‘star’ depicting one of my relation ‘objects’, such as things, people, pets etc., which are all fond of me as I am fond of them, and in that way are connected to me as in a swarm. The word ‘swarm’ also demonstrates the libidinal aspect very well, and my affinity to astronomic activity has since led me to intensively concern myself with that science.

Perhaps I will be able to address astronomy from that perspective some day, but I presently have a good correlate, namely to govern my relations to everything and to each individual in the same manner as the universe is governed: in an incredibly stable way, majestic in scale, as well as harmonious and passionate in dynamism. Maybe, the "mental" can be transcended here.

So far, so good in concern to the attention of the O (Other) and on its approach to the lastly word, the ‘assignment’ of the O.1

1 Again: there is a good reason for only writing the letter O for the Other namely because we have to converge to the last real in form of topology or mathematics.

Translator notes:

Geodetic lines are such that depict the shortest connections between two points under consideration of their curvature through variations of gravity.

Also see:

G.v.Hummel: There are astronomers, who recommend that every man should pre-think a "cosmic destiny" which includes himself and all of mankind, (Rees, M., Our Last Hour, Bertelsmann (2003). The author is aiming at similar meditation of the "astral".


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