Patriarchal Imperative

Opinions in the West go to say that Indian women are suppressed. There is no question, though, as to whether our science offers more appropriate representation of femininity. There is no basic one of man and woman that could be related to directly.1 As Lacan would put it, you can only pronounce it halfway. „Love consists of two ways of a half-say, and they don’t return to each other.”2

It consists of the exchange of “two unconscious cognitions”, meaning: two assumptions / transferences. Kirpal Singh spoke from the height of the father-word, in patriarchal imperative. He spoke from the rhetoric of his command. This is important for yoga, because this rhetoric, in its own echo, appears at the crossover between the second and third level. It appears in its own resonance, as if a pupil were ‘speaking to his master’ at these levels, as son and father.

Freud’s pupil C.G. Jung already stressed, that the ‘spirit’ is nothing more than the act of thinking, which is hidden in an elevated father-son relationship. The woman – as in ancient manhood initiations – is excluded. “Manhood initiations systematically estrange young men from their mothers and resurrect them to be a type of spirit. This archetypical mindset continues till today and is found in the celibate for priests.”3

Is it also found in Kirpal Singh’s celibate life? According to Kirpal Singh, lovemaking should be exercised in secrecy, eating should be done alone. While we agree to the first, the latter seems absurd to us. Yoga cannot be directly translated into the ‚West’. But the term ‘primal transference’, in which spiritual content can be projected to an ‘important other’, represents a bridge between East and West. This allows for the time being identification with an important, good and strong entity, with the Other.

While we need to resolve normal transference then in analysis, remnants of primal transference always continue to exist. It is the ultimately irresolvable SPEAKS, the pleasure of invocation in speaking, ‘female’ enjoyment which is so difficult to describe scientifically (except for the SHINES / SPEAKS formula).


1 Consequently, Lacan often formulated the statement: ‚there is no sexual relationship’, meaning that there is no sexual relationship that is based on clear reasoning and is symbolically comprehensible.

2 Lacan, J., Seminaire Nr. XXI, Lecture of the 15th January, ‘74, Notes page 73

3 Jung, C. G. Symbolik des Geistes, Walter (1972), page 355


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