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Integrity, Despair, Time

Integrity is adhering to high moral and professional principles and steadfastly exercising honesty and veracity when handed with responsibilities. Integrity is a vital aspect as far as handling personal and organizational matters as it will provide a remarkable action guide that will not bring about conflict of interest between persons or goals.  

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Life Scripts I

All people use life scripts, which are rules for behavior formed from our earliest years of life which affect our behaviour and hence our success or failure for the rest of our lives. These Transactional Analysis Life Scripts are basically our bedrock initial belief system, and from our beliefs flow our attitudes.

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Der Urheber des Textes 'Mastering the Rockefeller Habits', Verne Harnish, behauptet, eine effektive Strategie müsse alle zwei Qualitätsprüfungen einfordern:

1. was wir uns ziele setzen, muss für unsere bestehenden plus dereinsten Kunden von Nutzen

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Management Style and Parent - Ego I

Do your employees get quiet when you walk into the conference room? Do they rush past your office with a file-folder or laptop shielding their face from your view? You may be a graduate of the Attila the Hun School of Management; iron fisted, no nonsense, and incredibly difficult to work for.

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Trust Achievers

Winning Reliance and Assurance
Given Obama's enormous success, leaders have very much to learn from the way he uses first-class communication practices to garner the trustingness and confidence of others.

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Eine Routine, zu solchen Abkommen zu gelangen ist es, dass ein jeder schwarz auf weiß, ohne Auseinandersetzung, folgende Frage beantwortet: Was muss mein Vis-à-vis mir offen und authentisch (zuverlässig) sagen? Nach der Niederschrift kann über die Kerngehalte diskutiert

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Try out Self-Motivation!

Finally, all motivation is integral and no matter what a company does to prompt employees, it forever arrives backwards to what you need as a individual. In a employment surroundings it is often toilsome to remain motivated because the business you do doesn't look to allow for the kinesthetic achievement that more physical jobs create.

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If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.

Henry David Thoreau

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