Values in Organizations

Every organization must have organizational culture that is unique and be in line with the vision and mission of the company. This culture also identifies the values in the organization which is the also identified in the employees that work there.

For an organization to be efficient and effective the values must be desirable. To the managers they must be in control in effecting the right organizational culture which will determine the positive performance. The values must uphold a culture of motivation, customer care and productivity.
To do this the manager must: -

First, discover the values that exist in the workplace;
Secondly resolve whether the values are right; and
Thirdly if necessary change the values that do not reflect a positive organizational behavior.

To identify the values in the organization the managers needs to meet the executive group and discuss the values required. There should be a consensus and commitment to create a workplace that is value based. The manager needs to identify the roles of each employee in the process of identifying the values; this is because a consultative and participatory process will always be successful. In case the manager identifies any necessary changes in the values then a schedule should be designed to address the values in the organization.

All staff must be included in this process so as to promote and achieve the desired culture in the organization; in addition, they should know on their roles and management should ensure that they all give feedback. The employees should provide their own desired values and share them with the others in an open discussion or forum. In this way the managers are able to understand what is expected in every action; how decisions will be made, and the goals of the organization. At all times the manager should always aim to uphold respect, integrity, excellence and accountability which are the best values in any organization.

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