Astro-diathetic and Libido Lines

 After all, the points, similar to a pair of eyes, only remind the child of an original gaze, maybe even only of an original SHINES that may start to radiate due to its memory being constantly brought to repetition, as with the letters of a written ‘mental’..

From that point of view, we could equally well regard the ‘sun, moon and stars’ as points on our topological-lines, pixel to pixel-lines. They are connected to each other with a certain type of line, just as the ‘eye-similar points’ are.

Classic astronomy does not offer a definition for them, nor does astrology help. But, we could easily imagine ‘astro-diathetic’ lines.1 The fact that Kirpal Singh chose ‘sun, moon and stars’, has something to do with the exhilarating feeling most people have when looking at the sky2. As stated before, such a ‘multi-dimensional feeling’ is also often experienced when a SHINES appears in meditation.

But, instead of looking for the guru’s ‘gaze-image’ behind it, the appearance of such ‘astro-diathetic’ lines could also be exhilarating. Of course, ‘psycho-diathetic’ lines, libidinal lines, or simply topological-lines that can also be written may have the same effect. Nevertheless, the "mental" is still not surpassed. There is still a sort of fixation within the whole structure.


Anmerkung der Redaktion:

 Siehe auch die Stichworte: topology (Topologie), astrology, Libido, geodetic astronomy (geodätische Astronomie) in diesem Abschnitt.


1 Geodetic lines are such that depict the shortest connections between two points under consideration of their curvature through variations of gravity.

2 There are astronomers, who recommend that every man should pre-think a "cosmic destiny" which includes himself and all of mankind, (Rees, M., Our Last Hour, Bertelsmann (2003). The author is aiming at similar meditation of the "astral".

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