The Other, Cognizance and Revelation

The only exception is a story of Faqir Chand. This Sant Mat guru impressively describes how he anxiously asked his ‘master’, Shiv Brat Lal, how he was to continue – after having reached the fourth level (Bhanwar Gupha). He was surprised to hear from him, that the fifth level (Sach Kand) consisted of having followers of his own and of becoming a Sat Guru.

Shiv Brat Lal gave him the ‘assignment’ to do just that, even though he himself continued to be a ‘master’ of Sant Mat for twenty more years.

And indeed, what should Sach Kand be other than the highest level, from which one would need to return to those at the lowest level? After all, we aren’t alone in the world, nor are we to weave ourselves into the ecstasy of an ivory tower! Nevertheless, this commissioning of Faqir Chand through Shiv Brat Lal does convey the feeling that the latter no longer knew how he might calm his tormented follower down and so, gave him the ‘assignment’ to become a ‘master’ himself.

Actually, in Sach Kand one reaches the high realm of O / O with the aim of simultaneously being forced to serve others at a very low earthly level. Faqir Chand had confirmed that he had never reached the highest level, but also, that he could not call himself a Param Sant Satguru.

It was only logical for Sawan Singh to deny Kirpal Singh’s request to further accompany him as a counsel, and it coincides with psychoanalysis insofar as the latter’s aim is also and finally to dissolve all transferences. By this means the result would be that only a remnant of the other (structure of the other, SPEAKS) and cognizance, revelation (SHINES) would remain. An analyst, in his interpretations, is not allowed to bestow his patient, or his pupil, with gratification. To the contrary: an analysis – as is written – need always be conducted in ‘denial’.


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