Other's Attention and the SPEAKS

So it happens to be the Other within ourselves, a language structure, structure of symbols, or representantative of the symbolic order. It is surely related to God as the hypothetical One of the SHINES / SPEAKS. But God was always taken much too personally. As much as Kirpal Singh strived to unify the Gods of different religions into one, especially when he chaired the presidency of the ‘World Fellowship of Religions’, he was bound to fail.


The personal idea of God is too close, too familiar to be forsaken by most people. But the Other as a representation of language and of pure symbolic order, the Other as a standardized, erected and attentive SHINES / SPEAKS is equal to all. It is the unconscious, the unconscious Other within and from ourselves.

Such an equalization of religions amongst each other was the aim of Kirpal Singh’s aspiration. His yoga called for God being a combination of principles which anyone could manifest within themselves, but not a personal spirit, nor a real, though possibly transcendental, being.

Just now we have said: The SHINES in the form of the master’s ‘gaze-image’, the Other’s attention, is at large and tilts into the SPEAKS, and at first into that of echo - rhetoric’s. The same thing happens when a follower invokes or addresses the ‘gaze-image’, namely that the phonemes are already there. These are then invoked by the acceleration through the Sanskrit names.

A further dimension appears, which I have just described as being topologic, namely a SHINES / SPEAKS knot. This reveals that a real ‘conversation’ can occur by practicing 'Bhajan' in a second exercise. The conversation which was initially strongly limited by what I call the master’s echo-discourse, can lead – if led to its final end - to the Other’sassignment’, giving the knot its last validity which could be found finally in the code- or passwords.


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Jim Rohn

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