The SHINES/SPEAKS - Construct

In relenting application of the ‘unio mystica’ construct, this SHINES of femininity and the SPEAKS of masculinity1 are in no other way to be depicted than with a connecting / separating sign (erection, symbolic phallus, ‘femininity object’). If it were possible for us to replace the underlying unity, or one with a stringent formula of inherently ambiguous formulations (I will call these FORMULA WORDS) so that it would position us to exercise them as with Sanskrit names in Surat Shabd Yoga, then we could solve the obscurity of masculinity / femininity and also that of early ‘father identification’ or of ‘opposite wishes’.

We would then no longer need to speak of one ‘soul in two bodies’. The combination with the WORD in the form of an overdeterminat SPEAKS2 is ideally produced within the FORMULA WORD itself, which represents a SHINES through its image-FORMULA property. Neither would we continue to consider all of those peculiarly ‘hysteric’ yoga rituals. In short: We can neglect the ‚astro-mental levels’ to the advantage of ‘causality’. We can dramatically decrease yoga and mystic detours – we only need to apply a little intellect.

When relieving the pain of an ill person, Kirpal Singh, as was reported in several instances, would ‘concentrate’ for half an hour at the patient’s bedside. Nowadays this simply appears to us to be rather puzzling, or mysterious, what with today’s availability of a wide variety of ample and efficacious drugs. Why plague yourself that way, why by mystically ‘taking over’ the anguish, if a few drops of Tramadol or Novaminsulfon would have easily remedied the situation?

Was his ‘concentration’ concerned with ‘father identification’? Was he embedded in a ‘field of quantum gravitation’?3 Which term is used is probably irrelevant. Many people just don’t like to take medication, and you have a guru who travels back in space and time to ease a pain, then why not accept it? But, as Kirpal Singh often stated, need it not be returned to him eventually as is based on karmic rules? Could it be that enduring the pain is the better way after all?

Only the ‘initiation’, the introduction to the essence of Surat Shabd Yoga, is actually cost-free. Everything else is charged, and an excess of Indian style of expression has often been at the cost of ‘neuroses’ for many Western people (I’ve had several followers of Kirpal Singh and his successors in my psychotherapeutic practice). Subsequently, I appeal for ‘Indian psychoanalysis’, which I not only understand to be based on the work of G. Bose and his staff, but also on the FORMULA WORDS developed due to this scientific biographic comparison. Or, put his way: Psychoanalysis ‘the other way round’,4 Analytic Psychocatharsis.

1 This can also be taken vice versa.

2 The psychoanalyst calls symptoms, dream and the unconscious overdeterminant because they contain overlapped multiple meanings.

3 Physicists like to use this term when attempting to explain the super Ego. Of course, complete control of the imaginary signifier through appropriate willful signification (invocation of a primal image, totem or God) is possible. But I would regard it to terribly cumbersome in the face of today’s material possibilities.

4 This is the title of J. Lacan’s XVIIth seminar.


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