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Kirpal Singh didn’t drive a car during the rush hours or in traffic jams, and he had no need to command any wireless networked computer. He had not to cultivate any friendships at a social level, nor to discuss politics. He was able to live in a wonderful and yet, quite original nature. In Indian terms he could be regarded as being rich, having three houses, a chauffeur, a cook and civil servants. His authority was in demand and he was loved by tens of thousands. He never had to face an intellectual exchange at university level or even only psychological educated circles. He never knew the works of Freud, Lacan, of linguists or of information scientists. He would never have had the idea that mathematical or psychoanalytical interpretations of his „Sanskrit-names“ could at least explain the effect of these ‘mantras’ from a different point of view.

I want to express, that I am not propagating Surat Shabd Yoga or any other yoga in this book, as highly ever I do esteem Kirpal Singh. However, my quest is to develop an independent, new psychological method. This balancing act is necessary, because up to now there is no student of Kirpal Singh or of other yogis, who have even made an approach in establishing his word Western society and culture, in science and politics.

All of them remained Yogi-Indian ‘master’-epigones, who only face the challenges of 21st century globalization with Kabir’s and Maulana Rumi’s sayings.1 And that’s not quite sufficient. Developing universal love is important, but you should still keep a bit of nous. Kirpal Singh, too, emphasized, that the follower who fully uses his intellect is the best one.2 This was primarily a hint for modern times and for the future.

Here again I also need to mention subjects, that I will be covering in detail later on. Western scientific beliefs regard Kirpal Singh as being in a sub manic condition as would be typical for some yogis and other mystics. This goes to say, that he would constantly be in a slightly elevated mood, level of activity or excited condition, and which we would not regard as being normal here. While in submania, one tends to sleep and eat very little. Kirpal Singh living and working in the Western world is hardly imaginable, even though he was not ill. Here, there is a decisive difference between East and West.

However, this difference can be coped with when applying what I call a simple catharsis (psychocatharsis), and which can be experienced in my method of Analytic Psychocatharsis for at least a great number of instances. There is a danger in pure sub- or hyper-mania that followers who aren't composed with ascetic strengths may fall into genuine mania.


1 Indo-Persian Mystics are often cited by Kirpal Singh

2 Kirpal Singh, Spiritual Elexier, Ruhani Satsang (1967) P.80


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