Signifiers, Verbosity, the Universe

We can already enter the entire universe by taking the position of being subjects, and insofar as the universe is regarded as the sum of all signifiers. We only need to adhere to the primal combination of the SHINES / SPEAKS, this, precisely, are where Yoga and psychoanalysis are identical.

From the sum of signifiers only two or three finally remain: ‘light’, mirror-scenic (SHINES) and ‘sound’, echo-discourse (SPEAKS)1, i.e. as an expression for something that, in this sense, continues to ‘live’ after death – after all, it already existed before ‘death’ and before birth, the soul. I also put ‘lives’ and ‘death’ in quotes, because such is a different life than what we usually regard as life (biological or vital), which is why it is better to call it a drive.

And the subject also concerns ‘death’ as it is subjectively experienced, namely not at all – which is why it is better to speak of dying during life. The scenic, in which my ego brings itself to birth and to life in mirror-like manner, is not much different than the echo with which death enwraps me with rhetoric that originates with those who came before me and those who will be after me. The Shines is very narrowly woven with the Speaks, though both of these are completely autonomous.

Kirpal Singh did not express himself as complicated as that, but we will see, that such psychoanalytic contemplation generally produces a better understanding of Kirpal Singh's life and teachings, and of yoga. The individual soul (the Ego and its Ego-Ideal) is nothing more than an ‘imaginary object’ (a SHINES object), which only attends to this game of signifiers (SPEAKS).

It can only continue existence in the sense of its signifier function. Well then, an ‘imaginary object’, meaning built out of imagery, of myriads of pictures (imagines), which are torn to shreds at death. But, they are not completely annihilated. As much as in the sense of speech – knots, the imagery (SHINES) is – as stated above – combined, entwined with verbosity! And once the images no longer support themselves or keep their stay, then verbosity, the SPEAKS can award them a certain steadiness.


1 And the third as a slash, fractional stroke between the two.

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