Conjecture, God and Descartes

So, says Lacan, Descartes conceals his adherence to a God in his statement: “I think, ergo, I am”. He conceals, what he should actually be saying: “I think / I am, because God exists.” Hidden behind the ‘ergo’, and unfair for a scientist, there is a God. People tend to say: God, God, God, thereby creating for themselves an alibi, vindication for their statements.

Of course, especially in a biography of Kirpal Singh, squabbling over the term God is not the quest. Kirpal Singh, too, constantly spoke of God.

But we have seen that for him it was more of a hypothesis, necessary insinuation, conjecture – though very important and sincere! The way to him led through Yoga, through each his own meditative work! …which is the exact reason why my approach is to psychoanalytically interpret the theory and practice of Surat Shabd Yoga. Though this, in turn, is the basis for not completely discrediting the G, o and the d, I only will not be constantly applying it in my argumentation! Let’s be more equitable than Descartes and, just as Kirpal Singh, commence at the pure conjecture according to which God is the hypothetical entity from which the two primal principles originate.1

In using these introductory comments on precognition and reincarnation, I hope to have demonstrated that these terms have a bearing on the subject from a scientific point of view. But for the time being let’s continue with the beginning of our comparative study. Kirpal Singh loved rivers and often sat on their banks, listening to the gurgling murmur of the water and watching the waves glistening silver in the sunlight.


1 But Yoga often speaks of God’s omnipotence (as Kirpal Singh often did, also) which I described as infantile omnipotence fantasies above. Surat Shabd Yoga is just a mythical system, and omnipotence perhaps is rather to be understood as a purely potential, hypothetical power, not as an actually effective omnipotence.

So wie wir von unseren eigenen Ängsten befreit werden, befreit allein unsere Gegenwart automatisch Andere.

Nelson Mandela

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